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Baton Classes



Hop, Jump, Run 
(Ages 2 to 4)


This 45 minute class will explore the basics in Creative Movement, Ballet, Tap, & Baton and is tailor-made for the active preschooler.  Children will learn rhythm, coordination, fun and funky dance steps as well as enhancing and encouraging child’s imagination and creativity through movement.  The class also introduces baton twirling to the pre-school aged children.  Basic twirls will be taught coupled together with fun names, stories and games.  Baton Twirling can improve “hand-eye coordination” at a very early age.  Participants will require a baton. Hop, Jump, Run follows the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) Curriculum.

Intro to Baton 
(Ages 5 & Up)


This is an introductory non-competitive 45 minutes class for beginner athletes to learn basic baton and dance skills & also includes warm ups & games.  During this class athletes will develop proper skills and will be able to attempt the White Ribbon Certificate of the Canadian Baton Twirling Federation Skills Development Program.  This Intro session has 6 classes and is available to boys & girls ages 5 and up. 

(Ages 5 to 16)


In this program, athletes will learn the Skills Development Badge Program focusing on proper baton and body technique.  Each class is a 1 hour class which includes, warm up, games, basic baton and dance skills.  This recreational session has 12 classes and is available to boys & girls ages 5 to 16. 

(Ages 6 & Up)


The Pre-Competitive Level is to introduce the athlete into an easy transition into the competitive level.  Athletes will learn and may compete in six nationally standardized individual events: Basic March, Forward Motion, Pre-Medley, Pre-Solo Dance Twirl, Pre-Solo, and Pre-2 Baton.  It is recommended they attend two local baton competitions throughout the season and have the option of competing in out of town competitions.  Must receive a Red or Blue ribbon in 2 events and enter Pre-Solo before advancing to the competitive class or decided by the coach.  Must be in a second class per week that involves a technique class to help improve in routines.  Athletes are encouraged to take the Open Parade Specialty class and must take a minimum of 1 baton class a week. 

(Ages 7 & Up)


The Competitive Level is designed for the more serious athlete.  Athletes will learn and compete in individual / duet and team events: Solo, Medley, Solo Dance, Duet, 2 Baton, 3 Baton and Dance Twirl Teams.  After receiving the Silver Pin athletes will learn and compete in Compulsories Level C.  Recommend that competitive athletes take a minimum of 3 or more hour class per week and must attend local, provincial competitions.  National and international competitions will be decided by the coaches if the athlete is ready for this level. 

Adult Baton 
(Ages 17 & Up)


In this program, we offer Intro to Baton for adults for newcomers and offer recreational classes for former baton members.  If you are new to Adult Baton, there will be 5 classes for Intro and if you are a former member of baton, there will be 12 classes for recreational.  This recreational session is available to men & women ages 17+ and you have the choice for the opportunity to learn with your child. 

Specialty Classes 


This program is available to all athletes (including Adults) who want to further their baton twirling knowledge.  Must be at least taking one class of baton. Specialty classes offered are as follows:  


  • Intro to Baton 

  • Open Parade Team 

  • Skills Development Program New Badges Class

  • Acrobatics Class

  • Compulsories Class

  • Technique 1 (Ballet) Class

  • Technique 2 (Turns, Leaps, Jumps, etc.) Class

  • Technique 3 (Partnering & Team Work) Class

  • Fire Baton Class

  • Flag Baton Class

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